Luigi Lavazza

The founder, Luigi Lavazza, started the company after acquiring, in 1894, a small drugstore in the outskirts of Turin, focusing on the good which most fascinated him: coffee. While the other drugstores were selling single varieties of coffee without mixing them, Lavazza was the first to sell different varieties of coffee mixed together. In 1927 showed first trademark “i caffĂ© Lavazza” (Lavazza Coffees) with red and black letters but only in 1946 appears the first real trademark by the Aerostudio Borghi in Milan: the logotype with the big A in central position sided by a title with a smoking hot cup and some coffee beans, all of it in the institutional colors of the time, red and black; in 1950 the composition is thinned, featuring only the logotype inside a black and red rectangle. The diagonally bicoloured background resembles a lot that of Cinzano but really it comes from the cromatic composition of the first logo. As a single-product company, it soon became the worldwide symbol of Italian coffee.

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